Monsoon visited us in June and India has finally ushered in the rains in July. There are two things Indians are obsessed with, good rainy day snacks and an aromatic cup of tea. Together they make a heady mix of a feel-good laid-back day. Here are a few snacks that really go well with that warm cup of tea paired with monsoon.

1. Pakora and Bhajji

Fried crispy in dripping spiced batter, Pakora and Bhajji are the staple with Tea in Indian households. Pakora is normally made with besan but you can experiment with vegetables, potato, banana, or meat and fish. Anthing deep fried with batter and seasoning tastes delicious.

2. Samosa

Can any list of tea time snacks be complete without the favourite all time snack for Indians, the samosa? Whether filled with just aloo or a mix of chickpeas, green pea and masala aloo, samosa is delicious and worth making at home with love and care.

3. Spring Roll

Made of crumbled noodles, vegetables, sometimes mixed with meat and prawns, Spring Roll is a deep-fried stuffed roll that is easy to make and eat with Tea.

4. French Fries

A pretty simple recipe of delicious fried potatoes which validates that potatoes taste good in any form; French fries are a companion to any main dish and also go well with tea. Finely chopped potatoes fried golden by fry pan and scrumptious and lightly seasoned compliment the sweetness of tea well.

5. Bhakarwadi and Mathri

Pure Indian snacks made of flour dough and stuffed with sweet and spicy fillings, Bhakarwadi and mathri are easily snackable and are healthy alternatives to fast food.

As a nation that loves its food and afternoon naps, India enjoys the evening break with tea and a basket full of different snacks that differ with personal preferences and region.