The consciousness to make a difference in the environment you live in has been gaining momentum in the collective human intellect. An effort can be put in any sphere to contribute in the cause of tackling environment degradation.

Here’s how your kitchen can transform itself to an ecofriendly one. –

1. Buy Local produce- In the hue and cry that is vocal for local and the current situation where many are losing livelihood, we cannot put enough stress on this one. You support local farmers and get the most fresh and organic produce for your kitchen. Next time visit the local sabzi mandi instead of the supermarket for your groceries.

2. Invest the leftovers in vermicomposting – Feed the leftover kitchen scraps to your backyard vermicomposting pit. Separate the biodegradable food leftovers and peels in a different dustbin to throw in the pit later. You can get these eco friendly manure makers from a nursery.

3. Use aluminium foil wisely – Line pans and baking dishes with aluminum foil to make cleanup easier, so you use less water. Reuse aluminum foil to clean and scour pots and pans instead of steel wool or plastic pads. You can also use aluminum foil to sharpen scissors and garden shears; simply fold a sheet six to eight times and make several cuts.

4. Switch to ecofriendly cookware- The cookware you use can be pivotal in the choices you make towards the environment. Eco friendly cookware can help reduce energy usage in your kitchen and prevent harmful chemicals from tainting your family’s food. Traditional nonstick pans are coated with Teflon that starts to break down at temperatures more than 450 degrees Fahrenheit (232 degrees Celsius). Most stoves reach higher temperatures, so the Teflon starts to break down after only a few months. Cookware like Globe Kitchenware use improved technology to create PFOA free, non-toxic, environment friendly cookware for you.

5. Cover pans while cooking- This small act of covering pans while cooking will save energy and cook your food faster too. It’s a win win situation where you reduce your carbon footprint and the effort put in cooking and cleaning.

These eco friendly hacks and choices may look small, but will make a big positive impact on your life and environment.