As we stay at home and the lockdown gets extended date after date (Read: Taareekh pe taareekh); the common man and celebrities alike are getting stir crazy in their humble abode. Whether it was the moms who had to entertain their always at home kids or the bored 20 something who finally thought of venturing into the culinary to pass time better; the art for cooking of food trends has had a renaissance moment since we have discovered that home indeed, is the safest place for everyone.

Here are a few cooking recipes that have trended over the period of lockdown in India

  1. Dalgona Coffee – Even though we did not venture out, working from home, topsy turvy sleep schedules meant we are grabbing for a go to easy recipe of the much loved morning drink, coffee.
    Dalgona coffee grabbed the limelight because it was easy to make, All you need is some instant coffee that needs to be whipped until really frothy with some sugar and warm water then add it to iced milk.
  2. Banana Bread- Are you getting lazy and those bananas you bought a week ago are getting spoilt? Banana bread rescues your overripe bananas to a tastier version that is easy to make.
  3. Momos- The beloved momos that we have been missing since lockdown started, have slowly found their way into our kitchen because make in India should start from home.
  4. Biriyani- Biriyani is that one wholesome meal that makes our taste buds sing. If there is one item, we weren’t confident we can cook at home well, it was biriyani. The lockdown made us finally ace the recipe, with some help from our mothers and grandmothers; so we could enjoy a hard earned plate of delicious biriyani.
  5. Mug cakes- Before lockdown, we had a notion that fudgy, creamy cakes can only be found at a reputed bakery. The lockdown made us handy with whatever we had at home and of course, most people with microwaves have tried the mug cake recipe which takes just about 2-3 minutes to whip up and is easy to present and eat in a mug.

The enthusiasm cooking has got lately, has not only made homes happier but crushed gender barriers and increased bonding and familial cooperation. Here’s hoping that even after things get back on the busier track, the love for cooking will make us slow down and relish moments.